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About Us


Air Purifier Specialist is:

 CET: Certified Engineering Technologist 

CIE: Certified Indoor Environmentalist 

CMI: Certified Mould Inspector 

CMR: Certified Mould Remediator

Experienced:   30+ Years in Process Control and Bio-Medical with experience in Environmental Impact Assessments, Health and Safety, and W.H.M.I.S. Air Quality testing.

Air Purifier Specialist has been consulted in the design and use of air purification technology.  

Experienced with negative and positive hospital pressure rooms, Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear (CBRN) applications, Canadian/US Military, Fire, Ambulance, and police services applications.  

In addition Air Purifier Specialist has 10 years experience working with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, COPD, Asthma, Cardiac and environmentally sensitive clients.  

Air Purifier Specialist has access to some of the top professionals in North America to help serve your needs. We have Environmental Doctor’s, Respirologist’s, molecular chemists and PhD’s in mycology to help serve your needs and provide you with the most cost effective solutions.

Air Purifier Specialist only uses HEPA Technology 

Why: Because HEPA technology (or ULPA) is guaranteed to perform at a minimum performance of 99.97% or better at 0.3 microns.  Some companies which sell electronic air cleaners or Ionic cleaners try to make you believe they are better than HEPA’s as HEPA’s only capture particles down to 0.3 Microns.  This is seriously false and mis-leading information. HEPA’s for example are 60% efficient at capturing particles at 0.1 microns and actually get better over time. NO electronic/ionic air cleaner can make such claims as they have absolutely NO guaranteed performance. 

We will NOT Sell Electronic, Ionic, ozone, or Photo Catalytic (Titanium Dioxide) air cleaner. 


Electronic air cleaners are good, but they don’t have a guaranteed performance, nor can they perform at the levels that a HEPA filter can. They make a good general air cleaner. 

Ozone: These machines are banned by both the EPA and Health Canada. Warning people will still sell them to you as the band is not enforced. Ozone can kill you in high concentrations. It can break down things to its basic atoms, but it can do that to you too. According to the Ontario medical association, there are not safe levels of ozone. Ozone can trigger asthma attacks and damage lungs.  Because High concentrations of ozone can be deadly, the ozone air cleaner available on the market put out much lower levels. The problem with this is that incomplete oxidation of chemical compounds as proved to produce worse toxins than they removed. 

Ionic: Ion generators are typically added to electronic air cleaners to improve their performance. Unfortunately a by-product of generating negative ION’s in these air cleaners is ozone. As with ozone the do incomplete oxidation and cause more serious problems than they solve. 

Titanium Dioxide: Air cleaners that use this technology are also oxidizers and like ozone and have also been proven to produce more serious problem than they solve. Buyer Beware!!