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Salon Series

AllerAir Hair & Nail Salon Air Purifiers

The indoor air quality in hair and nail salons is severely compromised by the beauty products that are used in these environments. Nail salons use a wide variety of toxic chemicals that can cause cancer, respiratory disease, disorders of the nervous and reproductive systems, and skin damage. Air purifiers can clean the air of these dangerous toxins, while reducing occupational exposures.

Source Capture Units

These air purifiers capture chemicals, odors and particles directly at the source, purify the air from these toxins, and release clean, safe air back into the salon. The Salon 5000 & Salon 6000 are ideal for nail salons offering manicures and pedicures, as well as being beneficial for patrons and employees alike.

Did you know?

• Customers are increasingly concerned about chemical exposure

• General ventilation does not provide adequate protection for staff or clients

• Most manicurists, colorists and stylists are routinely exposed to chemicals linked to asthma, dermatitis, cancers, fertility problems and birth defects

• The beauty industry uses thousands of chemicals in its products, most of which have not been safety tested by any indepedent agency

• Masks and general ventilation systems offer no protection against airborne chemicals in the immediate work space



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